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I help mainly women (over 40) overcome foot pain and reducing the risk of injury by improving their foot health. I have a modern 4 step approach to foot health, that when implemented will significantly improve many areas of your overall health.

Runners, walkers, hikers, ramblers are my speciality – this is probably due to my 22+year as a Health & Fitness Instructor. I understand the struggles they have with their feet and associated health issues – footwear designed for these activities are not designed for human feet. Our feet have become stiff and weak from decades of shoe wearing inhibiting the natural movement of our foot muscles and joints.

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the foot health specialist
Helping you improve your foot health to overcome foot pain & reduce the risk of injury

I have struggled with foot pain for years, I understand the misery of chronic pain.

Here Is My Foot Pain Story

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What Can I Expect From FootCamp For Foot Pain Relief?

Foot pain in recent years has become more problematic for us as a shod society (shoe wearing communities) as shoe ‘technology’ increases, old fashioned treatments treat the symptoms without addressing the cause, lifestyles in the digital age has made us more chair bound, orthotics or inserts are relied upon again to treat the symptoms without addressing the cause – bit of a theme here.

Footcamp for foot pain relief - foot health
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