What Does A Foot Health Specialist Do?

Foot Health Specialist
Foot Health Specialist

What does a Foot Health Specialist (FHS) do?

How can a FHS help me?

I have seen a foot clinician before so what can a FHS do differently?

I specialised in foot health because once I learnt the relationship between your foot health and whats going on up your body, it was the missing link I had been looking for.

Everything made sense.

Of course if your feet aren’t strong enough you aren’t going to balance very well.  We need good balance for everything we do standing up.

Of course if your feet aren’t facing forwards when you walk then the chances are you will have, knee, hip and or lower back pain.

Of course if your posture isn’t the best then this will cause foot pain due to excessive pressure in your forefoot.

And these were just the tip of the lightening bolt that hit me, when the lightbulb went off. 

Your balance improves when your feet do

So what does a FHS do differently to a podiatrist or a chiropodist? 

* I don’t touch your feet

* I don’t diagnose a condition

* I don’t prescribe orthotics or inserts

* I don’t fob you off with pain relief to mask the symptoms.  

Well, what DO you do then? 

I address the root cause of your foot pain, and improve the strength, mobility and flexibility of your feet, to reduce the painful symptoms of foot dysfunction, which shows up as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, mortons neuroma, metatarsalgia, bunions, inter-metatarsal bursitis, hammer toes etc…. these all cause foot pain.  This pain can be avoided if the root cause is addressed at the foundation.

Each of the foot pain conditions mentioned above can all be avoided, fixed, and prevented from coming back. 

I have a modern 4 step approach to foot pain relief and foot health, and it doesn’t include a single insole, it may involve a ball and a rolled up towel haha.

My four steps are:





Putting these 4 elements together creates a unique pathway to overcome foot pain, and will reduce the risk of further injury in the future.  BALM helps soothe away foot pain.  

But when you put these elements together even more happens… Knee & lower back pain reduces, pelvic floor dysfunction improves – no more sneeze wee or cough poops.  Incontinence is NOT normal, but is becoming more common – let’s show the incontinence pads makers that a little bit of wee is not me….. 

Your feet are the foundation

I look at your feet and the position they land on the floor, this tells me a lot about whats going on up your body.  I can spot back pain & a leaky pelvic floor a mile away.  

I look at the way you stand, how you anatomically align with the forces of gravity.  If you carry your pelvis or shoulders in front of you, you will be putting excessive pressure through your forefoot, if the muscles in your feet aren’t strong enough, eventually you will develop foot pain – one or more of the conditions mentioned before.

I advise exercises, alignment and lifestyle changes to help you overcome foot pain forever.

I can do this on a one to one Foot Health Consultation in person or online – drop me an email for more information on personal consultations. Just hit reply to this message or message me hello@nicolabeard.com

I can also teach you how to stand better, give you the exercises and the tools to be your own body detective, and you can actively reduce your own foot, knee and lower back pain and improve your own pelvic floor function, using my 4 step BALM approach in my 28 day FootCamp Online Course for foot pain relief – Click here for more information.

I hope this helps you understand what a Foot Health Specialist does, and how I can help YOU.

Take Care

Nikki x

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