What Can I Expect From FootCamp For Foot Pain Relief?

footcamp foot pain foot health
footcamp foot pain foot health

Foot pain in recent years has become more problematic for us as a shod society (shoe wearing communities) as shoe ‘technology’ increases, old fashioned treatments treat the symptoms without addressing the cause, lifestyles in the digital age has made us more chair bound,  orthotics or inserts are relied upon again to treat the symptoms without addressing the cause – bit of a theme here.

Foot Health has been neglected in ALL industries – Health and Fitness, more controversially Podiatry and Chiropody – who reactively treat the symptoms without addressing the cause, prescribing shoe inserts/orthotics without proactively helping prevent injuries or foot pain happening in the first place or in the future.

FootCamp will improve your overall Foot Health, to reduce pain & prevent further injury by addressing the cause.  If you address the cause then the symptoms will lessen and disappear, and with continued strength, mobility and flexibility ‘training’ foot pain shouldn’t reappear.  If it does you have the tools you learn in FootCamp to pull out of your foot locker, to implement asap when the niggle appears, not leaving it until it becomes so bad you can’t walk or run.  Having to pull out of a running event due to foot pain/injury is frustrating, but is avoidable – if you put some effort into sorting out your dysfunctional feet NOW.

I have read enough Nic Sign Me Up 


FootCamp is a 28day online course that will be delivered to your inbox daily.

There will be a mix of education and exercises to help you improve your foot health – the information will be drip fed so it’s not overwhelming at all.  No pressure to keep up, there are days to reflect and digest the information you have learnt every week or catch up if you want to.

Everyone learns differently and in their own time – I would never pressure you to KEEP UP, thats unfair – everyone has a life and we all know life can get in the way.  The information will be there for you forever in the FootCampers Portal to access whenever you need it, and incase you accidentally lose the emails.


The course covers my 4 Step Approach to Improved Foot Health

B – Biomechanics/Balance

A – Alignment

L – Lifestyle

M – Movement

Each of these topics are all interlinked in some way, just like our bodies – everything is connected.

I will give you the tools you need to improve your foot health

Good Foot Health = 

Improved Muscular Strength and Endurance of your Feet

Improved Joint Mobility (each foot has 33 joints…. if these are stiff they will cause pain)

Improved Muscle Flexibility (which allows more movement at the joints, and decreases the amount of tension/pulling at the tendons, where the muscles attach to the bones)

Reduced Fascia Tension – Allowing the muscles to do the job they are designed to do and will be strong enough for 

Wow this is amazing Sign Me Up Nic

If your feet do the job they are supposed to be doing =

Improved Balance  – fall prevention

Improved ankle joints  – reducing injuries such as strains and sprains, ankles that function better improve hip function

Reduced Knee Pain – If your feet hit the floor facing forwards, not continually turned out then the joints are happier – wonky joints are not happy joints.

Reduced Lower Back Pain   This is the magic part, if your feet work properly and bend at the toe joints (straight  – without turn out) you get better extension at the hip joint – working for bottom muscles properly and reducing the pressure through your lower back. Ta da…. 

Improved Pelvic Floor Function –  Dr Kegal in the 1940’s revolutionised pelvic floor exercises – you know the lift and squeeze your vag exercises you are supposed to do.  There are a few issues in his method, how do you know if you are doing them right? What if the issue isn’t muscle strength, it’s because the muscles are too tight already – you are lifting and squeezing (you think you are doing them right???) for dear life and the symptoms aren’t improving and they are actually getting worse!!!  

Lifestyle in the 1940’s was so different to today everyone was walking more, working harder in more laborious jobs in the home and in the workplace, the lift and squeeze technique would have worked more because the other muscles surrounding the pelvis, above and below were working better…and guess what… their feet worked better too – less technology in footwear – their foot health would have been better.

All muscles whether in your feet, your vag, your glutes have to be strong, long and taut to be functional – modern living has impacted pelvic floor function by making the PF muscles dysfunctional.  Incontinence is becoming more common, but it is not NORMAL whatever the TV adverts lead you to believe. I do get on my soap box when the adverts come on the TV – my husband thinks it hilarious. 

I personally improved my pelvic floor by improving my foot health 

(no more crossing my legs to sneeze)

Last bit on pelvic floor promise… biomechanically stacking your pelvis better when sitting, improving glute and hip joint function, releasing inner thigh tension and reducing the pressure forced down on the pelvic floor will help – Yes FootCamp shows you how your foot health can improve your pelvic floor. 

Improved Posture – standing and sitting better will reduce foot pain, and associated wonkiness pain – neck, shoulders, upper back.  Looking at why you are carrying your body weight forwards in your forefoot and not using your heels, the strongest part of your foot – which also stacks you up better for the forces of gravity.

Senior Shuffle – Stiff feet don’t bend, as you age dysfunctional feet become a problem, and you start doing the senior shuffle to get around.  This as you will have worked out will affect your pelvic floor, lower back, posture…. the whole list I have previously mentioned – but more importantly BALANCE – falling as a senior is no joke, and can be fatal.  Strong functional feet helps balance.

FootCamp is so much more than just about foot pain.  Relieving foot pain symptoms by improving foot function/health (addressing the cause) you are also relieving other symptoms in your body – upstream so to speak …from the feet up. 

With videos, downloadable eBooks, blogs, facebook support group, LIVE weekly Q&A Sessions where you can ask me anything foot health related (anything – everything above is foot health related)  these will be recorded and added to the Foot Campers portal to watch again, or the replay if you missed it. 

It really is a jam packed course, that can make a significant difference to your life, now and in the future.  Once you have bought it you have access to it FOREVER, you can revisit as and when you need to.

Dysfunctional feet are the cause and they need addressing

YOUR Foot Health needs improving NOW

I am ready to Sign Up To FootCamp TODAY Nic

Take Care Look After Your Feet

Nikki x

If you are not sure about what I do as a Foot Health Specialist read more here

P.S. Did you notice I didn’t mention any foot pain symptoms by their diagnostic name? Nope foot pain comes in many guises – the cause is generally the same, poor foot health also known as dysfunctional feet.

P.P.S. If you are still reading this and haven’t signed up yet here is the link again – FootCamp Sign Up

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