Helen W

Highly knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Classes are always well run and you feel brilliant after – Would highly recommend xx – May 2019

Claire S

I’ve been going to Pilates on and off for about 10yrs due to a previous job I couldn’t commit so it was very sporadic. But since October 18 I’ve been regularly attending Nikki’s classes. Last month to commitments I only attended 1 class and boy have I suffered for missing class! So this week I was back at it , but not going to lie wasn’t feeling the love and really really struggled to get my head and my body into it , I was hurting all over. But today I can absolutely feel I’ve been working as the aches and pains are so much less and I can actually lift my left arm without being in agony ! Pilates is the silent exercise it’s working when you can’t even feel it! I love Nikki and her style of class!!! She’s flippin fabulous at what she does and her knowledge is amazing. I would highly recommend Nikki and her classes you’ll wonder how you moved without them ! Xxx – June 2019

Julia L

Nikki the Pilates instructor creates a perfect balance of teaching and conducting pilates , making it seem so easy to do, giving us confidence in doing so. I would thoroughly recommend her classes, it always makes me feel more relaxed. – June 2019

Lucy P

I went to Nikki’s classes before, during and post pregnancy and she was fantastic throughout it all! I always feel like I can go at my own pace in Nikki’s classes and she always explains the techniques in a way I can follow and improve on in each session. During pregnancy Nikki adapted the movements I did to keep both me and baby safe and meant I could continue classes as close to my due date as possible. Now I am back post pregnancy, I feel like Nikki has eased me back into class and made sure I am happy and comfortable with all the techniques! I would and always do recommend Nikki’s classes to anyone interested in Pilates! – June 2019

Helen T

Nikki is an excellent Pilates instructor. She is passionate about delivering first class lessons and tailors her class to the needs and abilities of the group. She is continuously enhancing her skills and knowledge through courses and seminars and she takes time to explain the benefits of each exercise and movement . She will challenge you to reach new levels and to become stronger and master techniques. I know that Nikki’s classes played a big part in preparing me for major spinal surgery and heavily supported my successful recovery. The mental and physical benefits are amazing, I can’t imagine what my life would be without Pilates. Thank you Nikki x June 2019

Melissa S

I always come out of Nikki’s classes feeling more flexible and relaxed, so I know it’s doing me good . Newcomers are made to feel very welcome and we have a laugh too. Keep up the good work Nikki! x June 2019


I started pilates with Nikki just a few months ago and the improvements to my back have been huge. I’ve suffered with almost constant backache for years with regular bouts the past few years of days at a time of not being able to move at all!

Since joining Nikki’s classes my back is so much easier day to day, reduced aching/burning and I haven’t had my back ‘go’ at all! I feel stronger and more toned and mostly I feel happy! It was getting pretty depressing being just 30 with the mobility of someone 30-40years older at times! Pilates has given me the opportunity to get fit again without having to do anything too high impact for my back. Nikki is supportive of your limitations, provides adaptations depending on your ability but also pushes you in those moments she can see you’re capable of a bit more.

Would highly recommend to anyone considering it to give it a try…thank you Nikki! – Charlie MS Jan 2017

Sarah K

After a wonderful relaxing class with Nikki tonight, I wanted to share my experience so far of Pilates and Nikki as my instructor.

I’ve suffered with a bad back on and off for years, following a slipped disc and corrective operation. I had a very very sleepless night about 13 months ago and made the decision that I needed to do something.

I’d read about Pilates and its benefits, and was recommended that I attend one of Nikki’s classes by a colleague.

I bit the bullet and contacted Nikki, who was very friendly and patient with me asking mainly stupid questions and because of this, I went to my very first Pilates class (at the age of 43!) on my own.

I can honestly say that since then I have never looked back! My back and core is so much stronger, my back pain is virtually non-existent and my general health & well-being is much improved. Pilates is a great mood improver for me and helps greatly with my own stress management.

Classes are friendly, welcoming, you work at your own level and I have never felt embarrassed or self-conscious at the things that I can’t yet do, always gently encouraged by Nikki to give it a go.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nikki and her classes, this is the ONLY form of exercise that I have ever started and continued with for longer than a few months. I think that says a lot. Thanks Nikki xx – Sarah K Jan 2017

Kate N

I found Nikki through google and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. I suffer from various back and joint problems and Pilates has helped with my strength and flexibility. I come out feeling amazing and ever so slightly wobbly! She always tailors the lesson to your abilities and pushes you just enough to make you feel you are improving week by week. I am now a convert to Pilates and it is the only exercise i have ever stuck to and genuinely enjoyed. I would (and do!) recommend Nikki to everyone, she is amazing. – Kate N Sept 2017

Ian R

I have been attending Pilates classes @withNikki for about 18months, I started because I suffer with lower back problems, these classes have certainly helped to reduce the pain I have been suffering and have really increased my flexibility. The classes are really enjoyable. 

Nikki is a great instructor, she explains clearly what to do and how to do it, taking time with individuals to ensure they are able to carry out the exercise the best they can. 

I highly recommend WithNikki classes all, whether you are a beginner looking for a class or experienced in Pilates. – Ian R Sept 2017