I started pilates with Nikki just a few months ago and the improvements to my back have been huge. I’ve suffered with almost constant backache for years with regular bouts the past few years of days at a time of not being able to move at all!

Since joining Nikki’s classes my back is so much easier day to day, reduced aching/burning and I haven’t had my back ‘go’ at all! I feel stronger and more toned and mostly I feel happy! It was getting pretty depressing being just 30 with the mobility of someone 30-40years older at times! Pilates has given me the opportunity to get fit again without having to do anything too high impact for my back. Nikki is supportive of your limitations, provides adaptations depending on your ability but also pushes you in those moments she can see you’re capable of a bit more.

Would highly recommend to anyone considering it to give it a try…thank you Nikki! – Charlie MS Jan 2017